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Enobong David Umoh

Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration
At Faculty of Social Science
University of Uyo


Enobong David Umoh is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politcal Science and Public Adminstration. In 1996, she activated her lecturing career as an Assistant Lecturer and has grown to her present rank as an Associate Professor.
She has taught and is still teaching Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate students. She holds members in Professional Bodies such as Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA).
To her credit are Several Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Monographs and Books. She has attended several conferences. One of such is National association of Women Academics (NAWACs) 4TH International Conference, “Uyo 2004”, September 5th – 10th, 2004 where she presented a paper on "Globalization and Women in Politics: The Nigerian Experience". She is married and blessed with 5 children. In this knowledgebase, you will know more about her and be granted open access to several of her works.

Academic and Professional Background

Ph.D. in Political Science

From University of Calabar (2001)

M.Sc. in Public Administration

From University of Uyo (1994)

Graduate Diploma in Public Administration

From University of Uyo (1987)

Higher National Diploma

The Polytechnic Calabar, Calabar (1981)

Ordinary National Diploma

Secretarial Administration (1975)

General Certificate of Education


Membership of Professional Bodies

Women in Academics
Federation of Akwa Ibom Women Associations
Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA)
International Research and Development Institute – Research and Development Network

Work Experience

2000 - Present

Courses Taught with Years

(i) Introduction to Political Science - 2000-2021
(ii) Introduction to Statistics in Political Science - 2000-2021
(iii) Introduction to Public Administration - 2000-2021
(iv) Public Financial Management - 2005-2014
(v ) Quantitative Analysis and Research Methods (PGD, M.Sc, MPA) - 2007-2021
(vi) Public Financial Management and Budgeting (M.Sc, MPA) - 2008-2021
(vii) Public Administration in Nigeria (B.Sc., M.Sc. & Ph.D) - 2008-2021
(viii) Science, Technology and Politics (Ph.D) - 2009-2021
(ix) Feminism and Gender Politics (Ph.D) - 2009-2021
(x) Theory and Practice of Public Administration - 2010-2021
(xi) The Conduct of Political Inquiry (Ph.D) - 2015-2021
(xii) Research Methods in Development Planning (M.Sc) - 2016
(xiii) Nigerian Constitutional Development - 2018-2021
(xiv) Comparative Public Administration - 2018-2021


i. Member; Faculty Research Committee
ii. Exams Officer /Coordinator - Masters in Public Administration (MPA) - 2014-2016
iii. Head of Department, Political Science and Public Administration - 2016-2017

Committee/Community Service with the University

i. HIV/AIDS Ministers Forum, Akwa Ibom State (SPT Sponsored) (ended 2007) ii. Stakeholder HIV/AIDS Committee, Akwa Ibom State.

National/State/Community Service Outside the University

i. Workshop and Training on Women Leadership Forum on 10th December 2010, by Leading Edge Academy in Dubai.

ii. Religion and its Effects on Women Political Participation in Nigeria: The Need for Political Education. Being a paper Presented at the 32nd Annual National Conference organized by National Association for the Study of Religions with the Sub-Theme “Religion and Political Education” on the 7th -9th of September 2011, at Benue State University, Markudi.

iii. African Women in Policy Making: Past, Present and Future. (A case study of Nigeria) presented at Forum of Women Professors (FWP), University of Uyo, Uyo. 1st National Conference September 2011.

iv. Female Trafficking in Nigeria: A Paper Presented at the Second International Conference on Culture, Science and Technology and Sustainable Development August 23 – 26, 2011 held at the University Nationale du Benin, Cotonou, Republic of Benin.

v. Widowhood Practices and Property Rights: A Paper Presented at the Seventh International Conference on Sustainable Development July 26 – 29, 2011 held at Chinua Achebe Arts Theatre, University of Calabar, Nigeria.

vi. The Imperative of Women Empowerment and Protection of Minority Rights in Democratic Governance: A paper presentation on Sensitization Programme on Democratic Governance, Uyo 22nd May, 2014 Held at the Governor’s Office, Uyo.

vii. Research Management: Held in the Permanent Site of the University of Uyo, Uyo. 2014.

Researches Undertaken with dates

i. Women Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in the State sponsored by World Bank
ii. Female Gender and Conflict Management in Africa: Promoting Peace in Conflict Regions - 2017.
iii. Women in Political Participation in Nigeria - 2018.

Distinct and Awards


National Association of Political Science Students (NAPSS)

Academic Service Award


Akwa Ibom Youth Integrated Assembly

Award of Honor


Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Faculty of Social Science
University of Uyo
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